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About Cil Extensions/CilsFrance Inc.

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Cil Extensions / CilsFrance Inc. was created in October 2006 in Paris. It holds registered trademarks in the USA and France.


Andrea Prince Woloszyn

At the helm of CilsFrance is Andrea Prince Woloszyn, a renown beauty expert with 30 years of experience. She is a world traveling trainer in eyelash extension application and an entrepreneur. Andrea began as a professional makeup artist in New York, then into management for major chain stores on the east and west coast. Her responsibilities included buying, choosing and researching new cosmetic and skin care products. She joined the team of Boyd Chemists on Madison Avenue, before moving to the West Coast, where she inaugurated her own boutique ‘Faces and Images’ in Westwood, California. In 1995, Andrea moved to France and lived in Lyon and Paris, where she worked with various companies such as Vichy and La Roche Posay. Her responsibilities included teaching English to professionals, Business Consulting and Coaching.

Andrea was first to bring the concept of eyelash extensions, eyelash extensions trainings, and products for eyelash extensions to the French market. Since 2006 and continuing to date, Andrea has chosen to keep a hands-on and service-oriented approach for their CilsFrance clientele worldwide. To date, Cilsfrance Eyelash Extensions, Adecil Adhesives and Lash Lift Perms are of the finest quality and excel in long lasting results for clients and beauty professionals alike.

See the original French site at CILSFRANCE.FR

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