Step 4 Revivedeep lash conditioner


STEP 4 lotion is used after step 3 or instead of step 3 to build, strengthens and soften unruly dry lash and brow hair.

 STEP #4 Keratin Lash Treatment is the newest addition to the Dolly’s Lash Lift System                                                                       

Highlights Shine Volume                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Deep conditioning  

Revives & softens natural lashes and brows with extra fortifying keratin proteins.                                                                                  Can be used by itself as a deep conditioning repairing lash treatment.                                                                                     Strengthens, moisturizes, and conditions natural eyelashes and brows.                                                                                                  
Step 4 how to :                                                                                                                                                                                                 A)  If you are using it after step 3 – you use 1/3 of the sachet and leave it on the clients’ eyes and give her/him the other 2/3 to take home and use for the next 3 -4 days with a cotton swab after cleaning .
B) If you are using it right after step 2 after taking step 2 off-  leave step 4 on for 15 minutes it is a deep conditioning mask like lash Botox .
C) Gently remove with a moist swab and apply the little that is left in the sachet and your client just had a deep eyelash conditioning treatment that will keep lashes and brows from becoming brittle or dry.

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