Dolly or white keratin Lash lift lotions – 15 lotions (5 of each lotion x 3 )


-Set of 15 dolly colored perm lotions

Set of 15 White Lotions step 1, 2 and 3  lash lift 

-5 Pink or white (step 1) transparent PINK lotions

-5 Blue or white(step 2) transparent setting Lotions

-5 step 3 Yellow conditioning nourishing lotions

Available in colored or white keratin lash lift lotions -step 1 2 3


Note : Don’t be fooled …keratine lash lift or any eyelash perms or lash lifts contain no keratin in the packets , the keratine is in the after-sale product for your client to use at home  keratin nourishing lotion mascara  




Lash-lifter---15-lotions---5-pink-or-white---5-blue-or-white---5-yellow---Lash-Lift_Cils France Eyelash Extensions

Lash-lifter—15-lotions—5-pink-or-white—5-blue-or-white—5-yellow—Lash-Lift_Cils France Eyelash Extensions


Both available the white lotions or colored

lotions take 13-15 minutes for each Step-1. 2,3

Step 3  the nourishing oil can be done by the beauty professional in-house or given to the client to nourish their lashes at home in the evening and next morning.
Time needed for processing is due the gentle ingredients:
The lash lift  (the white lotions )or the Dolly perms (the colored lotions) are the most gentle perms on the market and need 15 minutes for step 1 and 2 in order to gently “curl” the natural lashes.
The lash-lift products will never burn, thin or compromise the natural lashes.
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