Dolly or white keratin Lash lift lotions – 15 lotions (5 of each lotion x 3 )


-Set of 15 dolly colored perm lotions

Set of 15 White Lotions step 1, 2 and 3  lash lift 

-5 Pink or white (step 1) transparent PINK lotions

-5 Blue or white(step 2) transparent setting Lotions

-5 step 3 Yellow conditioning nourishing lotions

Available in colored or white keratin lash lift lotions -step 1 2 3


Note : Don’t be fooled …keratine lash lift or any eyelash perms or lash lifts contain no keratin in the packets , the keratine is in the after-sale products for the client to use at home  keratin nourishing lotion mascara  




Lash-lifter---15-lotions---5-pink-or-white---5-blue-or-white---5-yellow---Lash-Lift_Cils France Eyelash Extensions

Lash-lifter—15-lotions—5-pink-or-white—5-blue-or-white—5-yellow—Lash-Lift_Cils France Eyelash Extensions


Both available the white lotions or colored

lotions take 13-15 minutes for each Step-1. 2,3

Step 3  the nourishing oil can be done by the beauty professional in-house or given to the client to nourish their lashes at home in the evening and next morning.
Time needed for processing is due the gentle ingredients:
The lash lift  (the white lotions )or the Dolly perms (the colored lotions) are the gentlest perms sold and need this length of time to gently perm the natural lashes.
The lash-lift /perm products will never burn, thin or compromise the natural lashes.
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