Blink Anti allergy Gel absorbs and eliminates airborne glue chemical odors


Prevent lash extension glue allergies and reduce fumes and odors

BL Blink Lash Anti Allergy Gel is the solution for glues that have an odor in your lashing room.

This anti allergy gel product will help to reduce the amount of fumes in the air around you and your client.  Just open the lid and place it next to your work station and it will assist with lowering the fumes from your adhesive.

  • Absorbs chemicals from extension glues | BL Anti-allergy gel protects both the lash technician and the lash client from inhaling fumes and reduces their exposure to allergens

  • Prevent lash glue allergy | This white gel absorbs airborne chemicals from eyelash extension glues, reducing the level of fumes and vapors in the salon. This product does not cure existing glue allergy, however, it prevents the sensitive clients and technicians from developing lash extension glue allergy

  • No more teary eyes, stuffy nose, and stress | Feedback from the clients and lash artists suggest less stinging or watery eyes, fewer headaches, and itchiness following the use of this product. Anti-allergy gel is highly beneficial for anyone who is exposed to eyelash extension glue fume

  • Stress-release | BL Anti-allergy Gel is infused with a natural scent from geranium essential oil, which is known to help anxiety and stress.

  • Easy to Use | Simply place the open container of BL Anti-allergy gel near the lash extension adhesive and leave it open throughout the application

  • Looks like Jello so KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN !

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