Keratin Lash Lift mini kit #1 – 5 of each lotions (pink and blue or step 1 and 2 ) yellow lotion not included


Dolly’s Keratin Lash Lift mini pack 5 of each lotion step 1 and 2  15 minutes each step


WHITE LOTIONS: 5 sachets- Step 1 (White) Lotion | 5 sachets- Step 2 (White) Lotion   
COLOR LOTIONS: 5 sachets- Step 1 (Pink) Lotion | 5 sachets- Step 2 (Blue) Lotion
Processing Time:
Dolly’s Lash colored and white lash lotions are the most gentle lash lift LOTIONS on the market. This high-quality lash lift formulation will not rapidly overprocess and burn or compromise the integrity of the natural lashes. Due to the gentle formulation, recommended processing time ranges from 12-15 minutes for step 1 and 10 minutes for step 2 in order to gently “curl” the natural lashes. 

Please Note

White lotions are white/clear
*Each sachet is good for 1-2 clients                                                                                                                 
*Step 3 is NOT included in this kit                                             


Add-on : keratin nourishing lotion mascara  
The keratin lotion is the aftercare product for your client to use at home.
Dolly’s Lash white and color lash lift/lash perm sold by cilsfrance since 2009
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