Silicone Shields Lash Lift -Dolly Medium or-M1 or M2


Dolly Lash Silicon Shields / keratin lash lift Shields Eyelash Lift Silicone Shields:

 3  sizes to choose from:

MediumMedium 1Medium 2

These are flexible and form-fitting, taking the shape of the eyelid to create a perfect fit for the natural curve of the lid and lashes. Available in  5 sizes (S, M, M1, M2 LG)

The smaller the mound, the higher the lift.( S-M=M1)

The larger the mound, the lift will be softer, the curl move like a waved and not so high and straight. (M2 AND LARGE )

Note with M1, M2 and LG, the technician can shape the silicon pad by rolling the pad between their fingers so it allows the pad to grip the eyelid better.

Also see size small and large silicon pads

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