B or C-CC-D cashmere flat lashes split tips


Cashmere flat lashes split tips – extensions 1 lash split gently at the tip    –  mega volume split tip soft like cashmere

B or C -CC-D Curl mixed (0.15 x9-10-11-12 mm) are perfect for creating dramatic looking eye-lined eyes 

(0.15m diameter in flat ellipse lashes  =0.07m in diameter weight)

Each extension is gently split at the tip giving natural lashes a feathered fluffy look ; these lash extensions are nearly weightless.

B 0.15 x9-10-11-12mm

C 0.15 x9-10-11-12mm

D 0.15 x9-10-11-12mm

CC 0.20 X11-12-13-14-15mm

D 0.20 X11-12-13-14-15mm

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